Visualising the Championship: the Shot Worm 2014/15

A short post inspired by (stolen from) this chart by David Sumpter. I looked at visualising how teams’ shots for and against changed throughout the season. The result is a connected scatter plot showing teams’ shots for versus shots against. Naturally, the best teams tend to be towards the bottom right and that’s where teams should be aiming to be. Teams above the dotted line are being outshot by their opponents, while teams below the dotted line are taking more shots than their opponents. The shots are grouped into rolling 10 game averages (shots per game).


Points of interest:

  • Brentford’s late streak into elite shot dominance numbers (shown by being far to the right) is driven by their one-off thrashing of Blackpool. They’re a good side, but not quite that good (yet).
  • Charlton spent almost their entire season above the line (compare their worm to Blackpool’s for instance). They have been a pretty dire team by the shots numbers all year and have been kept up by a large number of draws and unsustainable conversion numbers. Leeds are another team in this category.
  • Despite gathering the plaudits early on in the season, Derby’s shots numbers were consistently fairly average and they were probably fortunate to be flying high for so long, driven as they were by unsustainably high conversion rates.
  • Norwich were a truly elite shots team and were probably unlucky to have to go up via the playoffs.

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